Mastodon Hosting

Mastodon Hosting

Join the Fediverse on your own instance, but leave the hassle of hosting it to us!

We take care of setting up your instance and keeping it up-to-date so you have more time to enjoy your social network.

We are currently limiting signups – if the below plans are out of stock you can email [email protected] to be notified when more is available.

Current Features

  • Daily (at minimum) backups of databases
  • Experimental glitch-soc support
  • Managed upgrades
  • Email service for signup emails, password resets, and notifications

Features Coming Soon!

  • robots.txt editor – You decide what bots you allow to access your instance
  • Important tootctl functions available in the web panel – Managed hosting, but you’re still in control

Need something bigger? Contact us to see what we can do for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I decided to move to another host, or self host later on?
We’d hate to see you go, so please let us know if there is anything we do can do to continue to be a part of your Fediverse experience. But we believe your data belongs to you.
If you would like to leave we are happy to provide you a copy of your database, redis dump, and required environment configuration. Everything you need to get setup somewhere else.
Please note: If you choose to use one of our subdomains instead of buying/bringing your own you will still be given your data, however you will be unable to use our domains at another service and will therefor be unable to setup your instance elsewhere.

Where is my data stored?
Your instances database is stored in the region specified (Currently only Australia) while placing your order. Offsite backups will be stored in Australia. Media uploads and caches may be stored, replicated, and cached around the globe.

Do you offer Mastodon forks such as glitch-soc?
You are able to chose vanilla Mastodon or glitch-soc while placing your order. If you need to change after your order just open a ticket with support and we are happy to migrate you. We don’t currently support other forks but would happy to evaluate other options in the future.